The challenge of most small businesses is connecting with the customers, and to do that customers have to first discover you. Kesto provides a unique opportunity, a first of its kind in Ethiopians & Eritreans community, to connect your business or service to customers.

Our team is always available to disuss on how best to utilize Kesto to increase your customers. Feel free to send us a note at the using the contact link provided.

Attract customers

Its all about customer acquisition and retention

Create an online presence with a free profile page

Listing your business details, contact information, images etc are all Free on Kesto. Weather you have a website or not, your Kesto page is your digital business card easily shareable with everyone, anywhere.

Get the word out with Posts

Engage Kesto users with free posts that show up inside your profile, visible to all users visiting your profile page

Discounts and Deals

Your posts for special deals are added in Kesto's "Deal" channel so you can get high visibility with users.

Grow your business with Ads

Our mobile advertising functionalitiy enables you to reach our users through different types of banner ads, full-page images, and video ads to find new customers and meet your marketing goals.

Professionals welcome

Just like Businesses, Professionals of all types: Doctors, Dentists, Lawyers, Brokers, and many more can create their Free basic profile and use their profile page as their digital business card

Special Links

Professionals can add their social and e-commerce links to their profile pages to get wider reach of customers